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We’ve got something a bit different on the blog today – a review from one of our readers, Maria Bowden!

I have heard good stories about using double glazed windows. Some of my neighbors said that the windows are energy-efficient, and they reduce the sounds that come through. I told myself that I should have them installed. I love having a good night’s sleep or to read in the morning without too much noise coming into my room.

This prompted me to contact a local double glazing installer in Manchester. I was pretty impressed on how they handled my inquiries all the way through the installation process. I am going to share my detailed review of that particular provider so that you guys can have a glimpse of what to look forward to if you also decided to get new windows installed.


The service I got was very impressive. Every single detail I wanted to know about double glazing was fully answered. When it comes to the execution of the service I could not have asked for more. From the preparation all the way to the installation it was well-coordinated. I can really see that every step has been well thought and organised in order to come up with a good quality service.


What good is a service when the final output is not good? Well, this is not the case. After the installation, I can really see the dramatic change. My windows made a 360-degree shift. I must say it is something that I am proud of. I even place home decors and flowering plants near the windows to give them a nice appeal and homely feeling.


When it comes to the price, it is reasonable given the fact that they have done a superb job on the installation and overall service. I must say, I got great value for what I have paid for.

Few Tips

It is advisable that you should be very detailed on what you are looking for. This will save time and hassle later on. You would want nothing but the best looking double glazed windows, right? For further information, you might also check online for other details that you should have an idea about. Then, communicate it to your service provider. This is what I have done to mine and, I am glad I did. Why? I got the right windows, they fit perfectly and look awesome in my house.


To summarise, when it comes to the overall performance of the service provider I hired the job, I’m sure there is no better company in Manchester. I am truly happy with the outcome, the windows definitely showcase what I am looking for, and I am certain they will last for years to come.

If you are just like me who wants to have less noise coming through your home and to have more energy efficient windows, then opt for double glazing windows. You will surely be amazed at the improvement in your home.

Happy customer

Maria Bowden