price of new roof

Roofs are extremely important went it relates to your homes. Having a poor quality roof can lead to some serious problems. Possible soakage of your furniture and home equipment during those showers. A home is a major investment. The roofing is usually the final chunk of that investment. There are various styles of roofs thus the prices for each style will also vary. In America the average cost for the installation of the most basic type of roof is around $7000. It is important to note that there are several features which can determine the price of a roof.

Elements that contribute to the price of a roof:

· The size of the roof.

· The style of the roof.

· The materials that are used in the construction of the roof.

· The location of the house.

· Any added work which must be done before the roof can be installed. Such as repairs to rafters and other needed aspects of the roof.


Obviously if you live in a big house your roof will be more expensive than that of someone who lives in a smaller home. Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc. told us that your house’s size is a key element in the price of the installation of your roof. So if you have a big roof look to start at anyway near a $15,000.

Here’s a handy tool that you can use to calculate how much material you’ll need for your roof:


Each individual has their own unique style. This is also evident in their home. The way you decorate your home inside and the outside. The style you choose for your roof is not an exception. The more stylish your roof is the more money you have to pay to have it installed. Added style often means more time will be spent on the job to get exactly what you need. In addition, this usually means more complexity thus workmen have a more difficult task to perform.


Materials are so very crucial when it relates to roofing. If you ever use the basic galvanize materials this will be cheaper than the claystone roofs. Once again the fancier you get the more money you have to spend. Roofs that use those expensive materials are more expensive to install. Thus it is true that you need to pay for quality.


Where you live is another important factor as it relates to the price of roofs. If you live in the Los Angeles area and you want to have a new roof installed. Just know you will pay more than someone who requires the same service but lives in New York. If you live in those areas that are higher up the socioeconomic ladder look for higher prices.

Additional work

If you are having your house built and you are finally at the roof installation strange you must be extremely happy. It is soon time to move in. The price for the installation of such a roof is usually much cheaper than that required for the repair then fresh installation of a roof. This is chiefly because there is more work required when repairing then installing than for a totally new installation.

On average the cost of to install a new roof of average size is roughly $7000-$9000. However when seeking to have a roof installed there are some vital factors that must be considered first.