home security tips

There is now a huge variety of things available from a home security point of view. With this in mind, it is important to know what the most cost effective ways of keeping your home secure are. All homes should at least have all of the basics covered in regards to domestic security. Door chains should be fitted and a lock that is approved by insurance companies should be fitted at a bare minimum. In regards to door locks, the first question you should ask yourself is if your door is UPVC or wooden?

For UPVC doors, the lock that is used on them as standard is a Euro Cylinder lock. Euro Cylinder locks can be particularly vulnerable to attack and criminals have been known to gain access to properties with them fitted in around 30 seconds. Recently, these types of lock have been improved to make them safer, so when purchasing one, always go for one that is bump, pick and snap resistant.

If your door is wooden, you should choose a lock that follows the current standards in the country that you live in. These standards can be found on sashlocks, nightlatches and deadlocks.

In recent years, burglary due to bogus callers have gone through the roof. You can restrict access to bogus callers by fitting door chains and door restrictors.

Peepholes are also a cost effective security measure that you can take. This enables you to easily identify bogus callers and stop them gaining access to your home due to you not having to even answer the door to see them.

You should also aim to keep your windows secure. We recommend that all of the ground floor windows in your home should be fitted with key operated locks. You should also make sure that any ladders that are stored on your property are locked away.